MA Platform announces Japan's first luxury wellness resort in Hokkaido.


MA Platform (MAP) is a private investment company founded with my personal capital to allow me to seize business opportunities with more flexibility and agility. With approximately 16 billion yen in capital and capital reserve, MAP has been actively investing in a variety of assets across the border since its establishment in June 2011.

Currently, we are working on a new exciting project in Tomakomai in Hokkaido, where we plan to create a luxury resort within the 1,000-hectare native forest area that we own. The infinite forest offers gorgeous views and a tranquil ambience, while offering optimal access to the international airport, seaport and other public transportations. 

With exquisite hotels, condominiums, forest-therapy, spa and other well-being facilities and activities amongst the vast and native forest, I am sure our Tomakomai International Forest Resort will soon become a new iconic tourist destination in Hokkaido, a region that is already attracting international attention with its beautiful landscapes, fresh air, powder snow and delicious local foods.

I look forward to sharing with you the new chapter of opportunity that lies ahead.


Company Name MA PLATFORM, Inc.
Date of Establishment June 2011
Capital 9 billion yen
Capital Reserve 7 billion yen
Chaiman of the Board Akira Mori
President & CEO Toshio Komatsu
Headquarters 〒105-0001 Toranomon 2-chome Tower 2-3-17 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-3595-1731
Business the Tomakomai Project / Investment Business

Our Investment Business

You may ask why I needed to set up a new and separate investment vehicle from Mori Trust Group, one of the biggest and most profitable property developers in Japan that I proudly founded. Japan, with a vibrant economy and society, remains an immensely powerful force in the world economy. However, I felt an urge to seek more growth outside the country and beyond our existing business model, as our domestic economy faces increasing challenges amid an aging society, low birth rate and changes in social structures.

Cross-border and start-up business involves a certain degree of risk. To succeed, a smaller business entity seemed to make more sense, allowing me to assess and take on risks, and make decisions on my own in a timely manner. For such deals that require swift action, the Mori Trust Group has grown too big. I also wanted to utilize my personal network and realize attractive proposals brought from global business leaders who trust and rely on my experience and expertise as an entrepreneur.

At MA Platform, our investment strategy focuses solely on areas where I see a solid growth potential with social needs and value.Not limited to real estate, we are also interested in offshore investment. Methods and structures of such investment are determined on a deal-by-deal basis.We are ready to take on the majority share and participate in management when we have insights in the business where we are investing. We might also consider other measures, such as using convertible notes if our knowledge and expertise are limited in the area.

Akira Mori’s Key Accomplishments

Akira Mori, the Founder and Chairman of MA Platform, has been at the helm and deftly navigating Mori Trust Group, one of the leading developers in Japan with over 60 years of experience in major mixed-use projects in Tokyo, as well as hotel and resort developments and investments in key tourist destinations.With a disciplined and proactive investment approach, Mr. Mori has helped Mori Trust expand its business to new and wider territories while maintaining the level of growth to which the group has become accustomed.

Real Estate Business

Since its foundation in 1951, Mori Trust Group has been helping to shape Tokyo’s landscapes, infrastructure and culture with a number of large and mixed-use projects. The Group’s major landmark projects include: Marunouchi Trust City Project (main tower completed 2008; north tower completed 2003) in Tokyo’s central business area, as well as the 37-story Tokyo Shiodome Building (completed 2005).  The Group has also been acting as an owner, landlord and property manager, and the success of these core businesses has brought high profitability and stable income, providing a strong financial base.

Hotel & Resort Business

Hotel and resort development is another area where the Group expects solid business growth with the sharp increase in in-bound tourism in Japan. Starting from the launch of the Laforet corporate membership resort, the Group has made its name by successfully turning around the well-established Karuizawa Manpei Hotel’s business and introducing international luxury hotels such as Conrad Tokyo and Shangri-La Hotel in Japan. Mori Trust Group has also been operating city, resort and business hotels through various managing methods including own-brand development, capital alliance, and business partnership.

Investment Business

To better cope with changing markets and business environments, the Mori Trust Group has geared up its efforts in seeking investment opportunities, including M&A, since the late 1990s. Expecting a growth potential in the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) market, the Group has also worked with other entities and organizations in creating Japan’s first REIT market. The Mori Trust Group later listed its Mori Trust Sogo REIT (8961) and Mori Trust Hotel REIT (3478) in the J-REIT market. 



Behind our “Tomakomai International Forest Resort” project, planned in the heart of a 1,000-hectare primary forest in southern Hokkaido, lies our development philosophy, that is to promote a sustainable coexistence between people and nature. The project site and its boundless forest is a home of a wide variety of animals and plants. The untouched forest presents a rich and unique biodiversity in a rich ecosystem.

In the resort, we plan to build educational, cultural and other facilities to learn and understand the importance of forests and ecosystem. We will then reinvest a part of resort revenues to save and restore local forests and other natural resources.

By promoting this cycle, we hope to create mechanisms to protect endangered species and their habitat, and to expand local economic opportunity.
With our development philosophy “To save, restore and live with the forest”, we are hopeful that this resort will help create value for society and lead to a rich future for all. 



The Tomakomai International Forest Resort sits amidst a boundless primary forest, a home of a wide variety of beautiful animals, trees and plants. The resort is also located close to a number of beautiful forests and nature sites, including the Hokkaido University experimental forest, Tomakomai Chitose National Forest, Mt. Tarumae, Tokisatamap-Moor, River Yufutsu, Lake Shikotsu and Lake Utonai (Listed on Ramsar Convention of Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat).

From blooming spring flowers to the fresh green of summer, orange and red-painted autumn leaves to tranquil silver winter, the  resort offers the joy of witnessing the seasonal natural beauty in Japan in its four distinct seasons.


Nature has the power to heal and cure. In the heart of the tranquil forest, our resort plans to provide Self-Care & Wellness programs and facilities to help our guests maintain or improve their well-being, and to prevent future illness.The resort also plans to offer physical therapy activities such as trekking, snow ball fights, Nordic skiing, as well as mind therapy programs including aromatherapy, massage and horse-back riding. The quiet and deep forest is ideal also for spiritual therapy programs such as forest yoga, meditation, forest-bathing and breathing exercises. Registered medical staff, Onsen and diet programs will also be available for integrated medical programs. 


We will offer more than just an earth-friendly retreat. Buildings in our Tomakomai International Forest Resort will be energy-saving and eco-luxury property that comply with strict regulations set by the European “BIO HOTEL” guidelines. Under the guidelines, the certified hotels are required to follow organic standards for food, cosmetics and energy consumption, and will undergo regular inspections.


Ideally located Southern Hokkaido near the New Chitose International Airport

The gateway to Hokkaido - a perfect holiday base for exploring the last frontier.

Signs of Spring. Awakening of animals, insects and plants.

Signs of Summer.Marsh covered with blooming skunk cabbage.

Signs of Autumn.Trees change to brilliant red, yellow and orange color.

Signs of Winter.Annual migration of swans to Lake Utonai.

Exclusive resort away from the bustle.

Top-class dining experience stimulates all five senses.

Retreats surrounded by the restorative power of nature



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1. Definition of personal information

"Personal Information" means information about a living individual which falls under any of the following items:

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2. Collection, use and distribution of Personal Information

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3. Personal Information management

MAP endeavors to keep Personal Information accurate and up-to-date, MAP will take all necessary measures to prevent any unauthorized access to, or the loss, destruction, falsification, distortion or leakage of, such Personal Information. These measures include:

1 ) Maintenance of Security and System and Management System
AMP will take systematic, human, physical, and technical security control measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage, and for other security control of the Personal Information. MAP will also ensure adequate security measures such as company policies, internal structures and a security management system, are in place. In the event of an unforeseen situation, MAP will take prompt action and aim for further improvement in its security management.
2 ) Employee Education
MAP will communicate the requirement for information security and specific compliance policies to all officers and employees. MAP will regularly provide information security education for all officers and employees for the purpose of maintaining and improving its information management structure.
3 ) Storage Period and Disposal
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5. Restriction on disclosure of Personal Information to a third party

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  • In the event where MAP has obtained the consent of the customer
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  • In the event where disclosure is required to protect human life, health, or property in cases where obtaining customer consent is difficult.
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MAP will not share customer personal information to a third-party outside Japan except for cases when it obtained prior customer approval and/or when it is legal to do so.

6. Supervision of Trustees

In the event where MAP outsources the handling of all or part of its Personal Information to third-party, MAP will select the third party based on the condition that it has established a management system to protect Personal Information properly. MAP will enter into a nondisclosure contract regarding the handling of Personal Information with such third party and supervise it as necessary and appropriately.

7. Identification

On receipt of inquiries regarding the verification, correction, deletion or termination of use of Personal Information and/or disclosure to a third-party of Personal Information, MAP will promptly respond to such requests or/and correct the Personal Information upon confirming the identity of the inquirer. Please note that MAP cannot comply with a request in regard to Personal Information that cannot be disclosed pursuant to provisions of laws and regulations, or Personal Information for which the storage period established by MAP has expired.
For any inquiries about Personal Information please contact our office:

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8. Laws and regulations, compliance and review of norms

MAP will comply with Japan’s laws and regulations that apply to Personal Information in its possession.
In addition, for further improvement of its Policy MAP will review the contents of this Policy in the event of any changes in social conditions, a revision in the Personal Information Protection Law and other necessary occasions.

9. Contact for inquiries about Personal Information

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Date of Revision: April 1, 2018