Company Name MA PLATFORM, Inc.
Date of Establishment June 2011
Capital and capital reserve 16 billion yen
Chaiman of the Board Akira Mori
Vice Chairman Takeshi Yoshida
Chief Operating Officer Hiroya Takamura
Headquarters 〒105-0001 Toranomon 2-chome Tower 2-3-17 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business the Tomakomai Project / Investment Business


You may ask why I needed to set up a new and separate investment vehicle from Mori Trust Group, one of the biggest and most profitable property developers in Japan that I proudly founded. Japan, with a vibrant economy and society, remains an immensely powerful force in the world economy. However, I felt an urge to seek more growth outside the country and beyond our existing business model, as our domestic economy faces increasing challenges amid an aging society, low birth rate and changes in social structures.
Cross-border and start-up business involves a certain degree of risk. To succeed, a smaller business entity seemed to make more sense, allowing me to assess and take on risks, and make decisions on my own in a timely manner. For such deals that require swift action, the Mori Trust Group has grown too big. I also wanted to utilize my personal network and realize attractive proposals brought from global business leaders who trust and rely on my experience and expertise as an entrepreneur.
At MA Platform, our investment strategy focuses solely on areas where I see a solid growth potential with social needs and value.Not limited to real estate, we are also interested in offshore investment. Methods and structures of such investment are determined on a deal-by-deal basis.We are ready to take on the majority share and participate in management when we have insights in the business where we are investing. We might also consider other measures, such as using convertible notes if our knowledge and expertise are limited in the area.